Steve Schmitz is a successful business leader, author and inspiring speaker who brings his passion for people to everything he does. He is an engaging storyteller, and he challenges groups to think differently about the importance of building a strong corporate culture.  His ‘Whatever It Takes’ attitude is contagious, and his message has actionable strategies to help you succeed in business and life.

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Quotes have always represented an important part of my growth, both personally and professionally. Through the quotes of those who came before us, we are actually able to learn and pass along the Wisdom of the Ages.

We won’t have time to read all of the essential books that have been written, but we certainly have time to quote the authors. These quotes can educate, motivate and inspire us. Every so often, they can change our lives.

They certainly have changed mine.

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Steve Schmitz Testimonials

“I have known Steve for over 20 years, and he is a great story-teller and presenter. If you want to hear from someone who can inspire, entertain and most importantly provide sound business insights, strategy and proven results – Steve is your next keynote speaker!”

David JobeCEO ServedIN

“Steve Schmitz tells a story of how culture creates passion and passion motivates people to do whatever it takes to succeed.  Whether you’re taking your team to Wall Street or to the top of Kilimanjaro, Steve’s story resonates and leaves the audience with the “Yes, we can do it!” motivation leaders desire.”  

Marc Ashton CEO Foundation for Blind Children

“Steve’s book is a “must-read” for any business leader or entrepreneur who wants to build a strong team culture and a company that is profitable.  He has lived the American entrepreneur dream, and he share his secrets and best practices in his motivating keynote that ignites audiences to do “Whatever it takes” to succeed.”

Tammy CrawfordExecutive Director of Focus on Lyme and Co-Founder of Leadership Children’s Foundation

“Steve has a unique ability to tell his inspiring story and capture an audience to listen, think, and apply his best practices around being a better leader and building a great culture. He truly made a memorable impression on me.”

Stephanie GreerFinancial Services Professional

“A lot of speakers can talk the talk, but Steve walks the walk.  He built a successful company and culture, and he inspires others to do “whatever it takes” to succeed.  His integrity and authenticity are felt as soon as you meet him. I would highly recommend Steve as a keynote speaker.”

Troy RiceManaging Director Coplex Partners

Great job Steve, Your keynote was very well received by our franchisees. Your “tell it all” style was easy to understand and the franchisees left believing they can be successful if they are prepared to ‘Do Whatever It Takes’.  I thank you for sharing your learnings with the entrepreneurial world. We all need this reinforcement of keeping our core values front and center in all we do.”

Peter H. ThomasChairman Dogtopia Enterprises LLC