The Book

In my new book, Whatever It Takes, I tell the story of how against all odds, I was able to take a contrarian idea, bet big, and realize the American Dream. In five short years, my team and I were able to take American Residential Properties from a back-patio start-up idea to a public company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In just a few years, we turned our dreams into reality. For our customers, we offered single-family rental homes in pleasant neighborhoods. For our investors, we provided a high rate of return with a low level of risk.

Whatever It Takes shares the philosophy behind this unique venture. Find out how my passion for my business plan propelled me to success. Discover ways of fostering a culture with team members willing to go all out to pull off an idea that might initially seem unreachable. Whatever It Takes shows you how concepts such as vision, belief, passion, courage and culture can combine to help you achieve your personal and financial goals while at the same time knowing that you have helped other people achieve theirs.


Connect with Steve

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“I picked up this book because I’m in the real estate business. It’s an amazing story about starting a real estate business against all odds during the real estate crash of the Great Recession. But this book is a great book for all businesses, not just real estate. It’s impossible not to learn a ton about business and life (and I’m an avid reader of business books). It provides amazing insight to make any business highly successful. It’s a quick read, I couldn’t put it down. It also makes you feel good and it’s extremely well written. Everyone should read this truly amazing story.”

Mark FillerCEO/Founder Apex Home Partners Successful Entrepreneur/Executive

“A business associate of mine suggested I read “Whatever it Takes”. The book did not disappoint. I am sorry I moved to Arizona after Mr. Schmitz sold his company. I would have enjoyed working with the firm he created, employees who are appreciated in a positive work environment. It is inspiring what one man can do with vision and a do not give up attitude. I enjoyed the quotes throughout the book Mr. Schmitz shared. I would recommend this book to others looking for an uplifting message to help you/your company flourish.”

Stacy HorowitzVP, AJR Public Adjusters

“Steve, “Impressive”–I cannot disagree with anything in the book. What stands out for me and should for every leader is; The Power of Certainty of Purpose, People and Passion. A power packed read with powerful lesson for any entrepreneur or leader. Cannot imagine anyone reading this–quick read–and not walking away with a bucket full of golden nuggets. Congratulations Steve, job well done!”

Ray OverdorffOrganizational Development Specialist